Harmony Day is officially 21 March however we would like to celebrate all week! From Monday 17th March through to Friday 21st March, we will be focussing on the theme “everyone belongs” within the context of our Pre-School community.
As part of our celebrations, we would like to invite the children to bring someone special for a play at Pre-School between 9am and 10.30am throughout the week. It might be Mummy and Daddy, Grandma, Aunty Sue……we don’t mind who!
There will be a visitors book for special guests to sign in upon their arrival and departure. Let’s hope for a sunny day so we can enjoy the indoor and outdoor spaces at Pre-School! It can get a bit squashy if we are all inside together but we can make it work!
You are also more than welcome to share any special traditions, celebrations, clothing or other items that are of special significance to your family. There will be a display space in the foyer if you are happy to share your items and stories with others. If you can provide an explanation with the item, that would be great!