Our funding only covers a portion of our total running costs. The remainder of our income must be generated through a daily fee for Pre-School. We do our best to ensure fee levels remain at the lowest possible level while still meeting our running costs. There will be a minimum of 14 days notice to any change in fee levels.
Fees for 2020 are as follows:

  • $5.50 (GST included) annual membership fee charged on your term one account.
  • $40 non-refundable start up fee. This includes administration costs and insurance levy.
  • Pre-School fees (8am – 3:30pm) are $23.50 per day*
  • Extended hours Pre-School fees (Between 3:30pm and 4:30pm) – add $10 per day.

Fee accounts – Issued at the beginning of each term along with the payment dates. Fees are to be two weeks in advance AT ALL TIMES to maintain your position at Pre-School. Fees can be paid in instalments or lump sum payments.

Payment Methods – Payment can be made by cash, cheque, EFTPOS (debit cards only) or direct deposit. Direct deposit details are at the bottom of each term’s accounts. Please ensure you clearly include your FAMILY name as reference for your payment. Any payment by cheque that is dishonoured at the bank will incur the additional bank fees. Receipts will be issued at the office for cash, cheque and EFTPOS payments. Statements can be requested to track direct deposit credits.

Absences – Full fees are payable for all absences including illness, holidays in term time or times where a child is excluded from Pre-School due to an infectious disease.

Public Holidays/School holidays – Fees are not charged on public holidays or in school holidays.

Late collection – A late fee may be charged at the discretion of the Director for those families who are consistently late in collection of children.

Withdrawal from Pre-School – Two week’s written notice during term time is required upon withdrawal from Pre-School or two  weeks fees in lieu of notice will be payable.

Outstanding Fees – Pre-School actively pursues outstanding fees. Fee reminders will be issued throughout the term where fees are in arrears, followed by direct contact and action. A position may be terminated where fees have not been paid and all other options have been exhausted. Goulburn Pre-School is very supportive in developing achievable fee payments for families experiencing difficulties however this can only be achieved with clear and open communication from both parties. Please discuss any difficulties with the Clerical Officer or Director as soon as possible to prevent the accumulation of large debts. All discussions are confidential.

* Funding changes occur yearly and this figure will be adjusted accordingly during our yearly budgeting process.