Harmony Day is officially 21st March, and celebrates Australia’s cultural diversity. It’s about inclusiveness, respect and a sense of belonging for everyone. Here at Goulburn Pre-School we have been celebrating all week with loads of activities for the children to participate in and embrace our cultural diversity. The central message for Harmony Day is that ‘everyone belongs’, reinforcing the importance of inclusiveness to all Australians.

The children participated in a range of cooking activities this week including using our own home grown tomatoes planted earlier in the year to make a delicious red pasta sauce. The children have been busy chopping, measuring and stirring the ingredients to see how they can be combined to create a sauce. The children also prepared home made pasta, flattening the dough and feeding it through the pasta maker then airing it out to dry ready for cooking.

Language was also part of the discussions this week with different greetings from all over the world being discussed and listened to through captivating music and stories.

We are very fortunate to also welcome local indigenous leader Peter Swain to pre-school on a regular basis who this week has been focusing on educating the children in Aboriginal Culture through story telling and music. Discussions continue well throughout the day after Peter leaves as the children are so enthralled by the message that he delivers regarding Aboriginal culture and the dreaming – in Peter’s words:  ‘You know in 100 years people will still be talking about the dreaming and we will be part of that dreaming… If you are born in Australia you a part of the dreaming.