At Goulburn Pre-School we provide a play based program reflecting the key aspects of Being, Belonging and Becoming: Early Years Leaning Framework for Australia.

This is a national document that is designed to provide a framework for high quality educational practices and learning outcomes in early childhood settings.

At Pre-School we encourage the children to initiate play, problem solve, work together co-operatively, share and respect themselves as well as their friends. A positive attitude towards themselves and learning is fostered to begin a life long journey in discovery. We support independence throughout the day in every aspect of the routine from packing away to recognising their belongings and asking for help.

There are many elements of the curriculum that work together. Visual arts, music, literature, language, science, drama, maths are all elements that feature in the children’s play and the many activities on offer. We consider the individual needs of the children, their interests, learning styles and motivations when planning for the day. There are often many projects that evolve throughout the day and continue over a period of weeks and sometimes months!

The following flow of the day is very flexible and adjusted to meet the needs of the children throughout the day. Often times are extended to ensure the children have time to complete projects together.

8.00am-9.15am Our Day Begins – Outdoor Learning Environment
Children begin to arrive, unpack their bags and prepare for the day. Children are wearing hats and sunscreen
9.15am-9.30am Morning Yarning Circle
Our Acknowledgment to Country.
A time to come together, share our thoughts and plan our day together.
10.30am-11.15am Packing Away and Big Lunch
We work together to pack away outside and leave our outdoor space ready to welcome us again.
We wash our hands and share our lunch together – sometimes on the verandah, sometimes as a picnic or inside depending on the weather.
11.15am–12noon Group Time
We take time to cool down and rest our bodies with relaxation, a visualisation, gentle yoga and breathing.
12noon-1.30pm Indoor Learning Environment
Our indoor learning environment supports exploration, collaboration, investigation in areas to engage and challenge the children. It is carefully planned to reflect interests, support collaboration and positive interaction. There is so much to do!
1.30pm–1.50pm Little Lunch
We share our Little Lunch together and chat about our day.
We learn to manage our foods, think about when we are hungry or thirsty and make great healthy choices. Manners are always encouraged.
1.50pm-2.45pm Flexible Time
We use this time to reflect the needs of the children at this stage of a busy day.
We return to our inside projects – do we need more time to investigate or complete a task?
We can rest, share a story, complete a mediation
We may begin work on a project as a group and introduce a new idea or concept.
2.45pm-3.00pm Caring for our Belongings
We borrow our library books and pack our bags. Everyone is encouraged to recognise and care for their belongings. We tidy our indoor learning environment together and come together on the carpet to share a story.
3.00pm–3.30pm Saying Goodbye for the Day
We say goodbye to each other and open the doors to invite our parents and carers to join us. Children are signed out and we share events of the day with our families
3.30pm-4.30pm Extended Hours Program
Our extended hours program begins. We share fruit time together and have a chance to revisit some favourite activities. There is time to relax and enjoy a quieter time of day.

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