The ‘Bush Tucker Lady’ visited Pre-School this term!


Narelle Happ is a garden designer and horticulturalist who specialises in native garden and permaculture design. She has over a decade of experience and is passionate about creating ‘living’ spaces which are nurturing, productive and sustainable.

On Wednesday in Week 6 both classrooms came together to listen, look, smell and taste our way through the Australian bush. Narelle spoke about the different season that Aboriginal people noted through the year; they had identified 6 seasons. The first people would observe the changes to the plants as a way to prepare for changing seasons. Narelle shared that wattle bushes would be dropped into water to make eels sleepy, so it was easier to catch them! We smelt and tasted lemon myrtle yoghurt, salt bush, tasted strawberry gum jam and Lily Pilli cordial, wattle seed muffins, native mint plants and warrigal (native basil) green pesto with crackers. Narelle was very clear in reminding us that we need a grown up to check if the plant or berry is okay to eat.

The children asked lots of questions about plants, and shared thoughts about the plants in their own gardens. Thank you Narelle – We really enjoyed learning something new and tasting your treats!