Can you tell when this dog is happy, scared or angry?


DID YOU KNOW that children aged 0 – 4 are at the greatest risk of dog attack?

DID YOU KNOW 80% of dog attacks are by a known dog?


In Week 2 we were very fortunate to have both Erin and her snoring dog Gerard and Jess with her dog Ned visit Pre-School over two days to allow all of our children to experience the Living Safely with Dogs Program and develop further understanding of responsible pet ownership. This initiative is run by the NSW Government and is a free service to Pre-School.

The program focuses on teaching the children:

  • when dogs should be left alone
  • things we should not do to dogs
  • how you can tell if a dog is happy, scared or angry
  • a safe way to approach and greet a dog
  • what to do if approached by an unknown or aggressive dog


At Pre-School, the children were introduced to the dog at first from a distance and then given the opportunity to ask Jess or Erin any questions. The dog then went back inside his enclosure for a rest whilst the children engaged in some role playing and singing. At the end of the session the children that wanted to pat the dog using the knowledge they had gained in the session were given the opportunity to do so. The session was extremely positive for the children and was a strong talking point throughout the day. We look forward to welcoming the program back again next year!