preschool Goulburn NSW

A safe, welcoming and engaging learning environment is a key element to our program. Equal value is given to both the indoor and outdoor learning environments. Families are considered a very important part of the learning environment and we welcome you to participate in the Pre-School community and enjoy sharing parts of our day.

Within the learning environments, experiences are carefully planned to reflect the interests and investigations initiated by the children. Children are supported and encouraged to work collectively to share their ideas and discoveries together. Our educators are involved with the children supporting their play and investigations as facilitators and co-learners.

The outdoor learning environment nurtures the children’s connections and understandings of the natural world. We enjoy our veggie patch and eating the produce. Throughout the year the birds nest and we love watching them hatch. We have lizards and insects that make our outdoor area their home and we learn to be respectful towards our residents! The levels in the water tank go up and down with the rain and we carefully use our water. The changing seasons are evident in our trees and the colours they produce. It is a busy and active area to enjoy and share together.

Experiences within the indoor and outdoor learning areas are interchangeable. Our classrooms are bright, light and airy. The children enjoy the opportunity to enjoy art, writing and drawing areas, quiet reading spaces, construction, music, science and maths, dramatic role play, problem solving and so much more.

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Welcome to Goulburn Pre-School for 2020!

February 19th, 2020|

Welcome to our Pre-School! It’s a very exciting time as the children embark on a new adventure in learning within a more formal setting. We are greatly looking forward to getting to know our new [...]