Welcome to our Pre-School! It’s a very exciting time as the children embark on a new adventure in learning within a more formal setting. We are greatly looking forward to getting to know our new families this year.

QIP FOCUS in 2020

A large part of our Quality Improvement Plan focus for 2020 is working on the area of SUSTAINABILITY. As part of this process, we are introducing WASTE FREE lunchboxes at Pre-School from 2020. Our children in 2019 have lead the way and we are not that far off it now with the amazing lunchboxes which come to Pre-School each day!


The children have compiled a list of favourites to help you out with some ideas. We have included this list below however the choices really are endless!


Just a reminder we have a small number of children with significant food allergies attending Pre-School and we need to work together to ensure Pre-School is a safe environment for everyone.

We do request NUT BASED products of PRODUCTS containing NUTS do NOT come to Pre-School. This includes Tree Nuts and Peanuts.