Our excursion to the Goulburn Regional Art Gallery this week unfortunately didn’t quite go to plan with the weather not being on our side! Luckily we were fortunate enough to have Sally from the gallery visit pre-school and turn our hallway into our very own art gallery!

The children enjoyed the experience and created some lovely artwork inspired by the author of ‘Are We There Yet?’ Alison Lester. They used their fingerprints to make all sorts of animals – an elephant, a dolphin, butterflies and a frog with webbed toes! As the children drew we thought about the number of legs on insects, shapes of body parts and even wondered how many spikes does an echidna have? We could see the lines in our fingerprints too which is somethings else we are now thinking about! As you can see, the end result of our artwork is fabulous!

Thank you Sally for coming along to pre-school and allowing us to experience such a wonderful exhibition!